Taste is a re-developed vintage performance art work which i began in 1999. The work was developed in response to my participation in a group art therapy course with other contemporary artists for eight weeks. Therapy is about integrating all aspects of the self, from the most noble to the shittiest.

Art is also about being as imaginative as possible but with each work as authentic to itself. The work GOUT uses the body as as simply and as radically as possible to resist (armed with humour) the social structures which govern our own use of our own bodies.

Taste also questions what is fashionable, sanitised, desirable … versus what is not; the unattractive, the abject. the work GOUT is a celebration of self acceptance, and libation in a ritual action which is as rational and serious as it is jocular and ludicrous.”

Steven Cohen


Sep 08 1999


19 h 00 min


Wits University Fine Art Dept, Johannesburg ZA
1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein 2000, Johannesburg, South Africa


University of the Witwatersrand
+27 (0)11 717 1000

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