Wait a minute! What is this? Is it science fiction, a satire on esotericism, or simply reality, which we rarely get to see like that? Bad taste might be reigning here. But it’s just as likely that good taste shows its cruel side in this performance.

As if it no longer cared about its popularity ratings. Taste features two films and a live performance. South African artist Steven Cohen, who has the courage to provoke in public space as well, examines questions including how a penis ended up in a ballet shoe and how one may get arrested with a cockerel on a lead. With this piece and his very own brand of wit, Cohen rebels against the ubiquitous social restrictions that “govern our use of our own bodies”, as he puts it.


Dec 03 2019


19 h 00 min


Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris FR
2 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris


Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art
+33(0)1 47 03 89 00

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