SPHINCTEROGRAPHY seeks to explore the cultural geography of the alimentary canal, and the political resonances of his choreography. Irony and humor are present in everything I do, but I try to give them shape without actually being “Cynical” or “funny”. The anus is a charged and highly legislated, associated with a very specific threat. Nobody cares about what you do with your elbow. I believe privacy is political, but only when it is made public. It is only then that the rights and rules, control and power, or questioning of systems intervene. In my opinion there is no politics in the private sphere or in passivity. My art involves creating non-contractual relationships (and often conflicting) with individuals or groups, or with the structures of the authority that tries to control them (and me).”

Steven Cohen


Oct 10 2014


18 h 00 min

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Mockingbird Theater, Birmingham UK
Gibb Street, BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, B9 4AA


Fierce Festival
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