The boudoir is traditionally a room within a bourgeois house reserved for feminine conversations, between living room and bedroom – the inverted double of the predominately masculine sphere of public and social spaces – a space whose easy, even contemptuous reputation Sade recast, making it a place of new-found and affirmed liberty through the drawing together of sexuality and philosophy, intimacy and a social critique of restrictive dogmas and powers

This performative-installation is conceived as the culmination of precedent works created by the performer and visual artist, born in 1962. Steven Cohen will be present in the space, alone, as much host as a piece of furniture among other furnishings. He will welcome the audience into an intimate space he has created and with which he will interact: a scenographic and decorated place, a chamber of memories as well as an elegant old-word salon containing diverse objects and pieces of furniture (his visual artworks include furniture he has transformed, adapted and reimagined), paintings and candelabras, graphic works and animal statuaries.


Apr 17 2024

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à venir


Teatros del canal
C. de Cea Bermúdez, 1, 28015 Madrid, Espagne
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