23 January 2023

“Nothing ever really finishes”

[INTERVIEW] about Put your heart, january, 2023, Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles
18 January 2023

“L’extrême est mon seul vocabulaire”

[PRESSE] La Libre, 18 janvier 2023, par Marie Baudet
11 January 2023

January 2023 in Belgium

[AGENDA] In Brussels on January 23: Boudoir, Put your heart under your feet... and walk! as well as the "Body Scenography" Workshop.
21 September 2019

Behind the scenes of Put your heart…

[INTERVIEW] Immersive behind-the-scenes video of Put your heart under your feet ... and walk!
18 September 2019

Steven Cohen dialogue avec la mort (Le Monde)

[PRESSE] Le Monde, 18 septembre 2019, par Rosita Boisseau.
16 April 2019

“A way through the minefield of our past”

[INTERVIEW] Interview between Steven Cohen & Barbara Turquier.
23 March 2018

Teaser : Put your heart under your feet… and walk

[VIDEO] Put your heart under your feet... and walk ! (teaser)
26 June 2017

Steven Cohen, requiem en talons hauts (Libération)

[PRESSE] Libération, 26 juin 2017, par Ève Beauvallet